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Logo & Promotional Mats

Tap into the commercial power of your floor

Logo & Promotional mats are a great way of communicating a wide number of messages to your customers. The floor is the largest untapped advertising space other than the sky and we can help you harness its power.

Research shows that 99 % of people instinctively look down when entering a building or room, to check the way forward is safe. That means that you could reach 99 % of people entering your premises or walking into a particular area of your building with a powerful promotional message.

This could be anything from reinforcing your brand to highlighting any special offers, or even warning of safety hazards.

Our high-quality print technologies and excellent color reproduction means that we can provide eye-catching and innovative mats to suit any purpose or occasion.

Image Walk Logo
Kleen-Way Rubber
Coir Logo 

J Loop Logo 

E Loop Logo 

Water Horse Logo 


Trio Brush Logo 


Grafic Logo 

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