NAPKIN Le TABS - Starter Kit / Le TABS Refills

The Innovative Hand Soap

8 grams of compressed soap to dilute in water; while dissolving, the tabs release the cosmetic components turning simple tab water in foaming and perfumed hand soap. The foaming dispenser guarantees the right amount of product is released with every pump.

The commonly used liquid hand soap is made up of 90% water, requiring the use of water resistant plastic packagings, that are discarded with each new purchase.

Thanks to LeTabs technology, it is finally possible to cut water from the process and add it right before use.

By transporting the cosmetic components only, and in compressed format, transport costs and environmental impact are at once drastically reduced.

LeTabs is the true revolution in the hand soap world, a simple choice that can majorly cut the environmental impact of each household.

Starter Kit Includes: 3 Tabs in Different Fragrances + 1 Foam Dispenser (400 ml)

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Le TABS Refill Includes: 3 Tabs in Different Fragrances 

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