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Coir Brush Mat


Good for Mat Wells or Recesses

Coir matting can be cut to pretty much any size or shape and laid side by side; making it a good choice for use in mat wells or recesses. Coir is also available in a number of depths. You can select your coir depth depending on the depth of your mat well, to ensure that it fits flush with the flooring surface to prevent trips.

- Traditional natural doormat made from coconut husk fibers. Coarse fibers are renowned for their dirt-scraping properties bonded to a heavy-duty PVC anti-slip backing for minimum movement - nonslip

- Suitable for indoor use or covered outdoor areas

- Logo mats are an option for coir mats 

- Surface printing of logos onto the coir will naturally fade and shedding may occur 

Printed or Inlay Coir Logo Mats Available 


15 mm

17 mm

23 mm




200 x 1200 cm 


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