Clean Walk

Durable and Versatile with High Dirt Capacity 

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A high capacity for dirt capture and great durability make the Clean Walk Clean Walk a popular choice for busy areas such as entrances, corridors, lift areas and reception desks.

Why Choose Clean Walk ?


» Extraordinary dirt catching performance

» Skid resistant rubber back

» PVC-free

» Light- and color resistant

» 5 years Manufacturers Guarantee*

» 11 years warranty against significant color loss

» Made in Europe

Features and Benefits

• Solution-dyed nylon fibers provide superior color and wash fastness.

• 100 % Nitrile EXSTM Rubber backing prevents curling and cracking in all types of weather.

• LUTRADURTM primary substrate will not fray, reduces linting, and provides a strong bond between the rubber and the carpet.

• High Twist heat-set nylon fibers are resistant against crushing and allow dirt to filter into the mat rather than remaining on top of the carpeted surface.

• Bleach / UV resistant.



» Entrance

» Hallways

» Elevators

» Receptions

» Restrooms

* 2 years under industrial laundry conditions


High-twist nylon surface Nitrile rubber backing



Yarn: Type 6 Solution Dyed Nylon

Carpet weight: 820 gr/m2


Rubber: Nitrile EXSTM (Border 2.5 mm / Center 1.5 mm)


Total weight: 2.820 gr/m2


Backing options: Smooth, claw


Also available in 3 mm rubber backing


EN 13501-1 / Cfl-s1

EN 14041 Antistatic

NFSI High-Traction

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*Grey and Anthracite are the only colors available in widths wider than 150 cm. All other colors can be purchased in widths wider than 150 cm with a minimum order quantity of 100 linear meters.


**Only available in 85, 115 cm widths