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Clean Ryp System Wide

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Above + 5°C.



Into a recess of suitable depth or on its own base in an aluminum profile frame.

Mat heights:

11 mm Insert



Brown, light grey, dark grey



As ordered

Wipers are made of aluminum profiles with a rep insert. Profiles are joined by means of a rubber connector, which also serves the function of a shock absorber between the mat and the surface of the floor or groove. The design provides for easy folding of​ the mat for cleaning and transport.

The aluminum profile of the Clean Ryp System-wide mats has a height of 7.7 mm. The height of the profile with a rep insert is 11 mm.

The design of the mat provides for the production of mats in any size and shape. The width of the mat is obtained as a result of cutting the profiles, while its length is obtained by selecting the number. The limit is the weight of a single mat, which should not exceed 50 kg.

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