Island View Distributors was established in Dubai in June 2009 and we focus on the supply of quality products to the Hospitality Industry in the Middle East Region. While “Floor Matting” remains at the core of our business, Island View Distributors today is much ‘more than just matting’. Island View Distributors has actively pursued innovation, introducing new products that revitalize the marketplace. 


As one of the most established matting distributor,  with our facility in Dubai, Island View Distributors is here to give you the product choice, advice and the sales support you require for your specific application.


We are specialized to manufacture and install a comprehensive range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Mats & Matting for all applications and sizes. 


Applications include:

1.            Entrance Matting Systems

2.            Reception Desk – Anti Fatigue Matting

3.            Mats for Leisure and Catering - Anti Slip for Pool areas, Ablutions, Change Rooms , Bar Counters and Bar Floors etc

4.            Kitchens – Pot Wash & Hot Wash Areas

5.            Gym and many more


Island View Brands:


1.            Compressed NAPKIN Range – Napkin Cool 500 and NAPKIN Go and accessories

2.            Securit Range – Menus, LED Menus, LED Displays, LED Chalkboards, Chalkboards, Table Chalkboards, Bar Chalkboards , Table Displays, Barrier                  Systems

3.            Candola – Miracle Lamp – looks like a candle burns on vegetable fuel

4.            Eurolux - Lighting your way 

5.            MatMania  - mats for all applications

6.            Kleentex - specialized matting


Variety is at the heart of everything we do and 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, enables us to advise you as to which product will be most appropriate. We understand that maintaining the quality of our service is crucial. 


Majority of high quality, stylish, elegant and unique categories are available from our warehouse in Dubai and the IVD team would be delighted to assist and guide you. 


T: +971  4 435 7286

T: +971  4 457 0315
F: +971  4 435 7287


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