NAPKIN Compressed Pleasure - Happiness secret formula: NAPKIN, water addicted.

The unique way to make anyone feel welcome.  Good conversation starter, ideal to refresh before ideal  and to get pampered after a meal.  

Use it for the Cheuffeur Service - store the NAPKIN Go in the fridge or cooler box to add a refreshing touch.  

Compressed NAPKIN® Range 

Napkin Cool 500



100 % Viscose Material


Just add cold water for a refreshing towel OR add warm water for a soothing after dinner towel 

Package: 50 Units per box




Porcelain Cup 

Ideal for individual setting for the lunch/dinner table 

Package: 1 x off 



Napkin Tongs 

Metal covered in a black Silicone for a better grip. 

Ideal to present the wet Napkin to your guests. 



Ideal to assist after having fingersnacks. 

Presnet to guest with essences water in the centre.  Guest can use in own time when needed. 

Package: 1 x off 

Napkin Essences 
Natural Essences , water soluble.

3ml per 5lt water - hot or cold 

Fragrances: Sorrento Lime. African Breeze, Oriental Tea, North Breeze, Indian Farm, White Flower

Package: 10 x 3ml in tube





Ideal for Reception areas, front Desk, Restaurant Entrances, Spa's 

Just add water around the centre. 

Package: 1 x off 



Ready to Go Napkin. 

Water already added, just push down and voila. 

Ideal for Cheauffeur services, around the pool, big functions.

Branding possible

Package: 12 x in a box 

Fragrances: Sorrento Lime



NEW - Sanitizer & Demakeup & Mosquito  

NAPKIN Go - Customized


Impress your guests with customized NAKPIN Go.


All fragrances available 

Guest can use in own time when needed. 


NAPKIN 4 Ever Pencil


Based on an old and captivating technique, here it is NAPKIN 4.EVER, a revolutionary writing tool.

 It has a precise stroke like a pencil, an elegant design and it is distinct by the innovation that only NAPKIN® gives to its products.  The special Ethergraf® tip, a patented metal alloy, allow NAPKIN 4.EVER to write infinitely, with no ink and no refill.
 Available in 4 different colors.
 Branding possible !


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