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MatMania Artificial Grass


MatMania's Artificial Grass allows you to create artificial lawns that are really suitable for many uses. It allows you to have a green lawn on outdoor spaces built on asphalted or concrete pavements and where the growth of natural grass would be impossible. This artificial lawn makes it possible to make the open space of buildings located in the city more liveable and where it would be impossible to have a natural garden, especially on terraces or on asphalted urban roofs. Our artificial grass can also be applied to classic private gardens where the soil is not suitable for natural turf growth. Or on natural lawns damaged by poor maintenance or dried out due to excessive heat or cold. In order to restore the freshness of the turf, in these cases, it is essential to use artificial grass which looks very similar to natural grass. The lawn must be correctly positioned on the ground and on a well-leveled floor. The maintenance of the material is simple and less expensive than actual grass. It's enough to just brush the lawn periodically to remove leaf residue and debris. The infill green lawn with filling also requires periodic control of the same which must be fed, if necessary, with the addition of sand or other inert material. 

Artificial Grass - 20 mm Thick
Artificial Grass - 25 mm Thick
20210924_131428 (1).jpg
Artificial Grass - 30 mm Thick
Artificial Grass - 35 mm Thick
Artificial Grass - 40 mm Thick
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